Hello my friends..it’s been a while!

The sun has well and truly got his hat on and it’s absolutely boiling.  The shed doors have been flung open and I am happy to be back inside my little haven.  Thank you for waiting for me, for such a long time Lovelies, please grab an ice cool drink and pull up a deck chair….we have quite a bit to catch up on……don’t forget to slip, slap and slop, if you are in the sun though!


Apart from this amazing weather, which is certainly not what we are used to, life has been a little bit topsy turvy here at Fuzzpot Lane.

For many years I have had the absolute joy of working in a local yarn store, which has helped subsidise my love of all things woolly and allow me to work in an environment full of colour and creativity, with a small group of girls who are almost as nuts as me!  I loved it. Sadly, it became a casualty of High Street closures….not one that made it onto the main news….but a casualty none-the-less, and my dream job was no more.  So then started a feeling of discombobulation and sadness.  I am not one to dwell, but I have to be honest it hit me for six……and so I didn’t actually pick up anything crafty for several weeks.  I have however, finally started getting myself back…. I’ve kicked myself up the bum,  hence the doors are firmly wedged open, and I am back to feeling positive….and crafty!

Okay….so let’s talk about sock knitting.  With so many beautiful sock yarns available, both hand dyed and commercial self patterning, it is very easy to become addicted.  It had been years since I knitted a pair of socks ( a term which I use loosely, as I did suffer from second sock syndrome), but once I got back on that horse, there was and is no stopping me!


It wasn’t long before a little pile of soft woolly loveliness appeared, and the more I did the more I wanted to do….


In total I have made 8 pairs…..not all have been captured on camera….apparently even teenage girls like a pair of handmade socks…..but as you can see, that little bug bit hard.

The beauty of sock yarn is that I can not only create a beautiful pair of socks, but also little dresses….


…….which is just as well, because Whimsy was getting a little cross, as the dresses I had already knitted remained unblocked and unfinished……to be honest they still are….but I will remedy that fairly soon.  But oh the joy, when I realised I could make socks and little dresses from a hank of hand dyed yarn….


As always I am  finding that I am working backwards…..the outfits are coming along a treat, it’s the dolls that need to happen next.  I have some amazing 4 ply coats/jackets to contrast with these little pieces, on my list and can only promise a very exciting shop update towards the end of the summer.

Recently I finished a very pretty pair of socks that is just crying out for a knitted dress to be made with the same yarn…..this will match a new little redhead to a tea!


I have a fairly new hobby, which isn’t really compatible with current projects, but does seem to alleviate stress …..


I think you can see the problem and incompatibility issues!

I have been able to reacquaint myself with some amigurumi crochet too, in my time away…..


…and whilst cats and dogs aren’t traditionally friends, I truly believe that there should be no barriers.

These were crocheted from the pattern designs I did for Stylecraft a few years back.  I’m still quite proud of them…and their little faces make me smile.

So….the plans I have for the early part of the summer, are to complete a couple of new free patterns to increase the Fuzzpotling doll wardrobe,  and to make sure Whimsy doesn’t stay on her own.  I have some wonderful hair colours, but no heads….so I had really better crack on.

Thank you once again for your company today, I really appreciate you popping by.  I am hoping to start weekly posts…..as I hope to have lots of creative stuff to share with you all.

Until next time……Toodle Pip xxx