It’s a frock thing!

Someone has been told to tidy their room…..and they really don’t want to!


It’s been a bit of a funny old week really.  I haven’t really tackled the things on my “To-Do List”, but I have made knitted some frocks!

Little dresses are a great way to use up those pretty bits of sock yarn, that languish in a basket, after the first sock is complete, and the next sock is looming large like a mountain to climb.  Now there are many who love a matching ‘pair’, but I have come to embrace my second sock syndrome, and no longer give an odd pair a second thought.  I tried the ‘almost’ matching, but to be honest now I quite brazenly believe in the ‘go big or go home’ ideology, whereby the wildest combinations are the happiest kind.

Anyway, back to dresses…..


I really love the fair isle effect of the self patterning yarn, but I have to admit, I am absolutely smitten but the gradient dyed yarns.


There is something really exciting about not knowing for sure, where the colour change will end up… makes each little dress completely unique…IMG_4312

The little cotton bloomers, just make me smile…..


Who doesn’t like a big voluminous pant in the summer!!


Anyway, this weeks challenge is to finish off a couple of new little Fuzzpotlings, write up the hat pattern to share with you all, and make sure a bit of that Willow blanket gets edged.




It’s been a little while…

Hello Lovelies…..

It has been a little while since my last post.  There isn’t any one thing that has caused this hiatus, but stuff seems to have got in the way, and ruined my mojo!  The trouble is, once the mojo has been tampered with, it takes a bit of time to settle things back into a state of equilibrium. I seem to start lots of projects…..the crafting lightbulb moments come thick and fast….but the momentum doesn’t carry it through….and the enthusiasm seems to be on some sort of dimmer switch.

The good news is…..I have given myself a bit of talking to…..and I’ve made a list.  Now, I am not really one for ‘lists’, but sometimes, they are what wrestle me back from a bit of crafting oblivion.  So I am happy to say…..I have achieved……I am starting to actually finish off a few bits and bobs……and this little bit and bob is called Hattie.


I had made a few ‘Waldorf’ style heads, a little while ago…..and somewhat strangely, I had made some little dresses…..


What I seemed to be lacking was the ‘crochet’ accompaniment of bodies, limbs and wigs. The first thing on my list, was to finish off at least one doll and the feeling of putting a simple tick on a piece of paper and having a funny little face looking back at me, did the trick.  I am back in the zone.


I love naming the little dolls. I always think it gives them a character all of their own.  Hattie (which is short for Harriet), is cute and kind.  Her curly hair of pastel wool makes her quite unique.  There is a stubborn side to her though.  Hattie wants to ride her bike today, but refuses to put her little pink boots on……we are at a bit of a stand off. As a Mum of two teenage girls myself, Hattie hasn’t yet realised that this is a fools errand….I have training!!

I should mention that the ‘Willow’ square blanket is still high on the ‘To-finish’ list.  I now have 80 squares and am at that point when I know I should start joining them soon.  I am not quite sure which colour to use as the joining shade……I have a couple of options that I am toying with….but just can’t quite decide.  I may take some pictures next week, and garner your opinions on that. For this weekend… is still crocheting body parts for the other 2 dolls.

Oooh…..plimsolls…daps….pumps…..not sure what term to use really……but I bought some new ‘daps’ (Bristolian is my native language/dialect, so apologies if this causes any confusion!)  Anyway, as a dog lover, and a lover of new shoes, I found a wonderful seller on Etsy, who beautifully hand paints shoes. I would highly recommend you check out Lisa at

I was able to choose the colour of the daps, and by sending a couple of pictures of Ted, she managed to put his likeness on my summer dog walking shoes…’s madness….but I love them.


The other thing, I am very excited about is that the lovely Susan, over at Mary Jane’s Tearoom has just released  a new pattern for a little sock yarn bear jacket.  I have loved her blog for such a long time, and been drawn in to the wonderful Tearoom world by her fantastic photography.  I can’t wait to make some little jackets of my own…….definitely added those to the ‘list’ !

Well, ‘time and tide waits for no man’, as the saying goes.  I have body parts to crochet so that this little Fuzzpotling, isn’t left in the Shed playing on her own!


Now are you going to put those boots on Hattie!?

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you may be up to.  Next week, if my list evolves as it should, I will be sharing the little knitted elfin beret pattern with you all.