Where has the time gone ?

Hello my Lovelies…

I would certainly understand if you had given up all hope of joining me for a catch up and a chat here at Shedquarters….it really has been too long, and I can only say how sorry I am for that.  I hope you have all been well, and if you have a few minutes, please grab that cuppa and pull up a comfy chair…..let’s dive right back in.


Last time we had a chance to sit down together like this, I believe it was Christmas.  Well, life got really busy shortly after that, and ‘stuff’ just got in the way.

If you remember just before Christmas last year, Twig our gorgeous Greyhound seemed to be making good strides in recovering from a major operation.  Things took a very sad turn, and over several weeks our wonderful girl deteriorated.  It is hard when you have something that becomes such a huge part of your family…to make the right decisions for them.  We all were trying to be brave with her and for her, but finally in February she gave me ‘the look’….it isn’t a tangible thing, and not something I can explain…but I knew that it was her time.  We had to let her go……let her be free.


She was the absolute best of us.  The kindest, funniest and most quirky of creatures…..and she will always be in our hearts.

So yes, that took its toll, and then time got eaten up shortly after that when I made the decision to go full time with my job in the NHS.  The girls are currently sitting their GCSE’s and A Levels, so they need my support in an entirely different way these days….so life at Fuzzpot Lane has been through ups and downs and twists and turns.

In the background though there is still craft.  Apart from family it is what anchors me.  It is undoubtedly what keeps me sane, though some might argue with that !  So I am still playing with sticks, hooks and pretty string.

Christmas was a period of sock knitting.  The random bags of toy stuffing and ‘bits’ were all tidied away and I had some yarn, my lovely yarn bowl and needles…..


I made a few pairs, which I really loved.  I just love the colours, the relatively quick fix of finishing a project ……… and actually enjoy using DPN’s.

I always tootle on back to crochet eventually and although I haven’t taken on a big blanket project for a while….well, not since this one……


I have been tempted!

It is however, funny little creatures that draw me back, and it started off with this little one…


I love giraffes….not sure why….but they are the most unlikely of animals really.  I remember visiting the giraffe house at the Cotswold Wildlife Park…..there is a balcony and you are right there….eye level with them and their massive tongues and silly faces.  I could have spent hours there just watching them!

Anyway, that was it….caught the ‘Amigurumi’ bug again.  It wasn’t long before I turned into Brittany Spears…..”oops I did it again”


This time it was all about the eye lashes 🙂

There are also those yarns that have those special colours that turn your head….my head was spinning!


Before I knew it…it was Easter…..and it’s not really Easter at Fuzzpot Lane without an Easter Bunny and a Spring Lamb.  So those were the next things to hop and skip off of the hook.

I have made an Easter Bunny using my own Merryweather and Earl crochet pattern for several years now, so I am almost creating my own crafting tradition…..


But I also love the softness and dare I say ‘squishiness’ of a little lamb.  No mention of mint sauce please….they do get a little twitchy!!


All together, things are back on track…..


I even managed to get a picture of the gang all together, before they found new homes.  So I was really off at the gallop again…..which brings me to my next project….


….a little horse.  This one was an experiment with the use of crochet flowers as decoration. The pictures, taken in the evening sunshine, don’t show her twinkly hooves and muzzle….but again it’s all about the colour.

So life still goes on.  I have managed to create 6 needle felted heads, and have been knitting some very cute dresses, for a new batch of Waldorf Inspired Suitcase dolls, which I hope all come together over the next few weeks….I do have one more giraffe to complete first.

I hope you are all well, have been enjoying  your own crafting journeys and been able to do the things you love too.  I will be back fairly soon, and will have more to share then.


Thank you for taking the time to pop by


Merry Christmas wishes xx

Hello my Lovelies,

Time has marched on in its usual fashion, and I haven’t popped by for that all important cuppa with you all….which I miss.  I hope you are all doing well, have done the hard graft and preparation,  and can start to think about relaxing over the festive season.  Though difficult sometimes as you get swept along in the festive frenzy, I try to remember that its more about presence than presents.

The decorations are up and shed quarters has closed its doors for a few days…..


….I can still see it peaking at me, and can almost hear it saying “Come Back Soon”, which of course…I will.  I had hoped at this point to be sharing pictures of socks and other little handmade items…..but I will be honest its been a bit of a tricky time.  I have been waiting on our elderly greyhound Twiglet, hand, paw and finger, as she recovers from a major operation.  36 teeth removed, and a little reconstructive surgery has meant time spent dealing with that little madam!  We love her to bits and are really pleased that she is making such a splendid recovery.


A relief that things have got back to normal for us to be honest.  Anyway, the tree is up…


…..and someone, can’t always be trusted to leave the gifts alone!  Hmmmm!  At nearly 8 years old, I thought he may have grown up…….the menace!

I love Christmas decorations, and have to admit to having missed being a part of creating the window display at the wool shop this year.


That said, I do have little herds of reindeer still 🙂IMG_4431

The tree is largely a red and white affair….with Toadstools, Candy Canes (not real ones for the reason mentioned above….you know….the one with the big pink nose!)  & Scandi inspired baubles…but me being me….there is the odd random one too….I love this whale!


So there we are….brought up to date…with a few days to go…..not bad if I do say so myself!!  That just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New Year.


Thank you all for popping in and out……I really appreciate your company.



Laurie xxx

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Hello Everyone….It’s really nice to see you here once again. Thank you for popping by and sparing some time.  Let’s grab a cuppa and get ourselves all caught up, shall we ?


I think when last we spoke I had just finished off these two Fuzzpotlings, and I am very pleased to say that they have made their way to their new homes to start the next chapter.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I juggle my time between family life, a part time job and my lovely world in the ‘Shed’ here at Fuzzpot Lane.  Now I am no different from anyone else…trying to keep all of the balls in the air….but it has meant that I have to deploy strategies for maintaining balance.  With this in mind, I decided that this year,  December would be all about the family and home.

So November has been a rounding off of Fuzzpot Lane creations……

Layla was the first adventure into bright purple mohair hair…..and I have to say….I’m just a wee bit jealous.  It is a fabulous colour and I have no doubt that there will be more Fuzzpotlings next year that will share this look.  Layla was such a cutie to make, with her spectacles and bobble hat.


It was great to see them all together too…. a rainbow of fluff and fuzziness.  Once they had all found homes, it was time for Holly….


This little one was more about the colours of the season. The reds, greens and golds just seemed to feel right with her deep copper hair.


As with most of the ‘Suitcase Dolls’ they are prepared for any weather.  I made Holly a slightly longer dress, but you probably should know she is sporting bright red bloomers underneath.

Holly is just about to start her travels today….off to meet a new friend that she will hopefully make very happy indeed.  And finally there is ‘Hope’.  She is the final Fuzzpotling for 2018…..


Cute as a button with her pale blue eyes and custard yellow hair.  For some reason, the colours here really sing to me….and I realised that perhaps yellows have been missing from my palette for far too long.  Hope is wearing a little toque hat…


and has a yellow umbrella to match her tights and the stripes in her dress, not to mention the fluffy custard blonde hair.


And there we have it……..the entire collection all finished off.  Now, it isn’t that I close the doors on Shedquarters completely.  I will still be making and crafting……and I will still be sharing those adventures with you all, but this year December is going to be Sock month.


You may remember that earlier in the year I started my little pile of snuggly goodness.  Many of these socks now see regular action, and I am very pleased that my youngest daughter loves wearing Mum’s handmade socks to work on a Saturday.  She works in a very busy local farm shop tearoom ( great experience for a shy 15 year old, who is already gaining in confidence and learning some really valuable ‘people skills’).  On her feet all day, she says they are the best things ever……how can I refuse 🙂

I love using beautiful hand dyed yarn, and really get excited if I can make a pair of socks and a little dress from 100g of pure joy….


So this December I will be doing just that…..so look out in the Spring for new dolls wearing some fantastic new dresses…..plus an assortment of hats.

Soon it will be Christmas decoration time………and as this year is the first for a very long time, that I haven’t had a ‘shop window’ to play with and theme (sadly)….the family may be feeling a little nervous !!  I do have plans 🙂

As children get older the ‘magic’ that existed around the festive season changes…….the excitement of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning isn’t quite the same as it once was….but that does’t mean it has to end.  I don’t leap from my bed at 4am as one of the kids scream “he’s been” and have that split second of doubt that one of the dogs has done something despicable on the floor…..before I remember what day it is, and realise that they mean Santa has filled the stockings !!

I still have the excitement of seeing  us all sat around the tree in our PJ’s opening cards and gifts, and the gentle waft of Turkey as it starts to roast.  Christmas is a great leveller…..and it is difficult for even the most ‘teenaged’ of kids not to love it.  The twinkling lights, the presence of good food and of course ‘family’.    So yes…. I am determined to enjoy it….there is much about life that I feel blessed by….so I will be digging out those board games, silly jumpers, kitsch decorations and having fun.  I hope you will all do the same.

I will be sharing some of my adventures here throughout December, so grab a comfy chair, your best or worst Christmas jumper and a cup of coffee or a glass of mulled wine and dip into the blog now and then. TTFN xxx


Good Morning…..

Well it really is a little bit murky here today.  The frost that brought all of the twinkle seems to have been replaced by dull, damp and grey stuff……murky indeed.  Let us not be down hearted though, as my little Shed is brimful of colour, texture and patterns….so it has its own sense of sunshine, even on the dullest of days.

It’s great that you, like me, have found your way back to the Shed.  It is an exciting time of year and although the days are shorter, the ambience of lamps, candles and fairy lights do tend to make the place feel cosy…..and despite my best efforts…..I love the build up to Christmas.


I have been very busy like anyone with a family, job and craft addiction will appreciate.


Having taken a little detour with crochet dolls, I have only just got back on track with the Waldorf Inspired Suitcase dolls.  These particular dolls are inspired by the very natural world of Waldorf ideology. Waldorf education promotes the idea of surrounding your child with natural materials, that speak closely to the soul, with colours that are soothing and imaginative.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to work with natural materials.

Each doll is about 13″ (33cm) tall. Their head is sculpted from cleaned and carded sheeps wool, using traditional Waldorf techniques and using natural materials for their skin (100% cotton jersey, free of chemicals and pill resistant) and their features are hand embroidered, and their cheeks and noses are blushed with harmless beeswax crayon.

They are a joy to create and it is wonderful to have received such lovely feedback on them.  This year I started with Esther…..


Esther really is a cutie, and I have loved working with these colours.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the Head over Heels Sock Yarn from Stylecraft.  It was really fun to knit the little dress and see the stripes emerging in colours that I wouldn’t necessarily put together….so of course….I have had to buy more!  It would have been rude not to.

Esther has such set and fluffy hair….and of course its pink.  Crocheting the little wig cap is painstaking, I’m not going to lie, but I am always really pleased with the outcome.  You can brush it, pop it up in bunches and stick a hat on, and it still looks cute.


I thought I would go for pale blue eyes for Esther…and I am really quite pleased with them.  She has a little whimsical look and seems to make me smile, whenever I see her.

And then it was straight on to Breeze….


Oh my what gorgeous hair she has.  Created using hand dyed Teeswater Locks in the colours inspired by the sea….


I am absolutely thrilled with her.  Her knitted dress in a semi solid pink yarn seems to suit her so well.

As colour combinations go….I have always loved soft chalky pinks and pale aqua…..but that probably won’t be too much of a surprise to many of you.  I should probably say that each of the little suitcase dolls are one of a kinds….completely individual.

While these two wait for a new home, where they can make some happy memories with someone special, they are becoming quite close friends ……


I wonder what mischief they might be hatching!

I am almost finished the third little Fuzzpotling in the batch…and I don’t want to say too much…but the hair colour I’m using for this one, I have never used before on a fuzzy head.  I am already quite smitten and excited to share this one with you….but anyone a fan of purple might just like it too.

I had better say toodle pip for now…as wigs don’t make themselves….and nor do Sunday dinners.


Have a lovely Sunday everyone…..relax and do what you enjoy.  I will pop back soon xx

Hello! Hello!

Hello my Lovelies…I’m back again!

Why not grab yourself a chair, pour yourself a cuppa and settle for a little catch up with me ?!


The last couple of weeks have been really busy around here.  I have started a new part time job, which has meant learning a huge amount in a very short space of time in a very busy environment…..worlds away from the quiet tranquility of Shedquarters…. this means that by late evening its hard to keep my little peepers open!!

All is good though…they have been very lovely, helped me out and made me feel extremely welcome.  The bonus of course, is that my new hours mean I can still dedicate time to my little world of shed working and continue on my creative pathway 🙂

With this in mind, those curly girls have been popping off of the hook, and I have been absolutely delighted that they have all found new homes so soon.  I love making the curly girls……I get to play with colours for hair, dresses and accessories….so it really is a delight….


Hildy and Hoot were a joy to make.  I loved the mix of pink, red and mauve, and Hildy’s hair was a glorious combination of deepest fuchsia, cerise and almost scarlet.

Hildy is meant to wear her glasses, but much like me, is a little naughty about it. The world in HD is better than a blurred viewpoint though Hildy, and finally glasses are apparently cool 🙂


Hildy and Hoot found their forever home, I am delighted to say and I was thrilled that the recipient took the time to leave some lovely feedback, which is always really appreciated ……

Hilda and Hoot are both adorable, thank you! I originally bought for my SILs birthday but tempted to keep them….. Thank you again, I love your creations!”

Next off of the hook was Clover…IMG_5036

She was such a little poppet.  This time I left the dress short like a tunic, so her little gingham bloomers were more visible.  I love this look….it reminded me of when the girls had just started cruising….that bit between crawling and walking….and shorter dresses were more practical so that they didn’t trip.  Clover’s hair colour was so pretty….soft tones, yet bright.  Trimmed a little shorter into a bubble cut….it’s just so cute!


There are little peach highlights, that break up the colour too.  Now if I had hair like this, I wouldn’t want to get it wet, so it just made sense that she should have a brolly….


All together I just love the colours…..and yes….pink is probably my favourite colour.

Now this little one really needed a sister.  The lovely recipients would indeed be two sisters, so it only made sense that Clover would travel with Chloe….her sister.


And so Chloe came along.  Mirroring Clover so much, with her tunic, bloomers and sneakers, she was the same and yet different…..


I don’t have siblings of my own, but I see so much love and laughter between my own girls, that I dearly hope that these two find that special bond too. That feeling of knowing that someone has your back…..


And someone to share those silly moments when you get the giggles…..


So, yes……it was important to get the ‘sister’ dolls to work individually and as a pair….


As the sun has finally decided to shine, the heater can be switched off in the shed, and we can be warmed by the power of sunshine.  I have a really pretty doll almost finished with lilac hair….she is a sweetie.  So I am happily thinking of the right name while I finish off her dress.

I have treated myself to some new 4ply sock yarns, so that I can knit up some dresses and jackets.  I will have some Waldorf inspired Suitcase dolls available for mid October too, especially as ‘that’ time of year is creeping up on us again.

This afternoon, it is a cup of coffee and a spot of knitting for me!

Hope you have a lovely day too…..thanks for stopping by xxx

Now and then…..

Good Morning folks….. the Shed doors are wide open and ready for the start of a brand new day.  The coffee is brewed, so why not pull up a chair and share a virtual morning cuppa with me.


Having celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday…which made me go …’yikes’ internally, on several occasions, I am feeling actually quite blessed that I have such wonderful family and friends, who made the day feel special.

I suppose I thought that I would ‘feel’ older by now….but I have to admit, I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up and some days it is difficult to start ‘adulating’.  Life is a blessing and it should be, for the most part…..fun.

So have you grabbed that cuppa yet ?


I always wanted this blog to have reality…as well as fluff and nonsense.  I find as an avid blog reader myself, the constant euphoria of an unreal existence can make the audience feel ‘less’. Now don’t panic, I am not about to share the ‘ugly’ shots of dusty corners and piles of ironing….we all need a little escapism too ( I’m escaping mine right now, by writing this blog!)  but its more about mood and emotion….again, no need to concern yourself here either…I’m not an over-sharer…so will not be dwelling!

I am however, a little ‘grumpy’ today……and once I’ve had my coffee I’m sure I will feel much better.  I suppose the phrase “I’m not angry, just disappointed “…best suits my current situation.

In the first instance, I received a message from a very lovely lady, advising me that somebody on Etsy, was selling my patterns and using my photography to do so, claiming the designs as their own.  I’ve tackled that one directly and am pleased to say that they have now been removed.

I know that the secondary issue is probably not deliberate but just something that upsets me because of the way it has been done.  I love engaging and inspiring through social media, and to know that you may have encouraged someone on their creative journey, albeit in a small way, is a wonderful thing.  But when that inspiration or encouragement, oversteps into ‘copying’ it feels wrong, especially when any credit is redirected and the ‘ownership’ of the design is assumed.   On most patterns, the designer asks for a little nod to their original pattern design…..it isn’t unusual or, in my opinion, much to ask, but there you go. It’s the rough with the smooth I suppose 🙂

Anyway, on a brighter note….let us move on and catch up.

I have been a busy little bee over the summer, despite the hot weather.  Some of you may remember that I had a little problem with blanket project finishing.  Well, at last Christmas I finished the Willow Square blanket…


…affectionately named the “Willow or Won’t She”, by my lovely friend Sue!  It was the start of something wonderful…….blanket finishing.  After much deliberation, I decided that the Persian Tiles Blanket by Jane Crowfoot would be the next project to tackle….and when the Eastern Jewels colour way by Lucia Dunn, came out it quite literally had me at ‘Hello’

The design does need discipline with ‘end’ sewing.  Each motif, needs its ends sewing in as you go….otherwise you will have an absolute nightmare to finish.  When I saw the colours piled up together, I wasn’t sure, but after the first motif, I knew I was down the rabbit hole…the colours were stunning and the pattern addictive.

So this is what I did this summer…..

And finally it grew into this….  I couldn’t be more thrilled.


The last few weeks has seen me back with the little hook, and I have to say it is my happy place.  Dottie and Dash, quite literally flew off of the hook.  These little friends, sold as a pair and already off to their new home, were inspired by ‘friendship’….and prove that friends come in all shapes and sizes 🙂

Dottie’s mass of curls turned out to be a wonderful mix of cornflower blues, lilacs and aqua….I have to say I would be tempted by it myself 🙂


The colours really drive me, and it was just fun to match her little baby giraffe friend to her and the speckles in her dress.


Oh the fun that can be had with a little fluff and nonsense.  I am working up some new batches of curls and colours, and I am so excited.  The little pals will also be a little different each time too.  I hope you stick with me as I share the new ones over the coming weeks….I’m very excited.

Well. those dusty corners and that ironing won’t be doing itself….so I must venture out of Shedquarters.   I am so glad to have come back to the blog.

Thank you for being here too my friends.

Have a great day xx

Hello my friends..it’s been a while!

The sun has well and truly got his hat on and it’s absolutely boiling.  The shed doors have been flung open and I am happy to be back inside my little haven.  Thank you for waiting for me, for such a long time Lovelies, please grab an ice cool drink and pull up a deck chair….we have quite a bit to catch up on……don’t forget to slip, slap and slop, if you are in the sun though!


Apart from this amazing weather, which is certainly not what we are used to, life has been a little bit topsy turvy here at Fuzzpot Lane.

For many years I have had the absolute joy of working in a local yarn store, which has helped subsidise my love of all things woolly and allow me to work in an environment full of colour and creativity, with a small group of girls who are almost as nuts as me!  I loved it. Sadly, it became a casualty of High Street closures….not one that made it onto the main news….but a casualty none-the-less, and my dream job was no more.  So then started a feeling of discombobulation and sadness.  I am not one to dwell, but I have to be honest it hit me for six……and so I didn’t actually pick up anything crafty for several weeks.  I have however, finally started getting myself back…. I’ve kicked myself up the bum,  hence the doors are firmly wedged open, and I am back to feeling positive….and crafty!

Okay….so let’s talk about sock knitting.  With so many beautiful sock yarns available, both hand dyed and commercial self patterning, it is very easy to become addicted.  It had been years since I knitted a pair of socks ( a term which I use loosely, as I did suffer from second sock syndrome), but once I got back on that horse, there was and is no stopping me!


It wasn’t long before a little pile of soft woolly loveliness appeared, and the more I did the more I wanted to do….


In total I have made 8 pairs…..not all have been captured on camera….apparently even teenage girls like a pair of handmade socks…..but as you can see, that little bug bit hard.

The beauty of sock yarn is that I can not only create a beautiful pair of socks, but also little dresses….


…….which is just as well, because Whimsy was getting a little cross, as the dresses I had already knitted remained unblocked and unfinished……to be honest they still are….but I will remedy that fairly soon.  But oh the joy, when I realised I could make socks and little dresses from a hank of hand dyed yarn….


As always I am  finding that I am working backwards…..the outfits are coming along a treat, it’s the dolls that need to happen next.  I have some amazing 4 ply coats/jackets to contrast with these little pieces, on my list and can only promise a very exciting shop update towards the end of the summer.

Recently I finished a very pretty pair of socks that is just crying out for a knitted dress to be made with the same yarn…..this will match a new little redhead to a tea!


I have a fairly new hobby, which isn’t really compatible with current projects, but does seem to alleviate stress …..


I think you can see the problem and incompatibility issues!

I have been able to reacquaint myself with some amigurumi crochet too, in my time away…..


…and whilst cats and dogs aren’t traditionally friends, I truly believe that there should be no barriers.

These were crocheted from the pattern designs I did for Stylecraft a few years back.  I’m still quite proud of them…and their little faces make me smile.

So….the plans I have for the early part of the summer, are to complete a couple of new free patterns to increase the Fuzzpotling doll wardrobe,  and to make sure Whimsy doesn’t stay on her own.  I have some wonderful hair colours, but no heads….so I had really better crack on.

Thank you once again for your company today, I really appreciate you popping by.  I am hoping to start weekly posts…..as I hope to have lots of creative stuff to share with you all.

Until next time……Toodle Pip xxx