It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Hello Everyone….It’s really nice to see you here once again. Thank you for popping by and sparing some time.  Let’s grab a cuppa and get ourselves all caught up, shall we ?


I think when last we spoke I had just finished off these two Fuzzpotlings, and I am very pleased to say that they have made their way to their new homes to start the next chapter.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I juggle my time between family life, a part time job and my lovely world in the ‘Shed’ here at Fuzzpot Lane.  Now I am no different from anyone else…trying to keep all of the balls in the air….but it has meant that I have to deploy strategies for maintaining balance.  With this in mind, I decided that this year,  December would be all about the family and home.

So November has been a rounding off of Fuzzpot Lane creations……

Layla was the first adventure into bright purple mohair hair…..and I have to say….I’m just a wee bit jealous.  It is a fabulous colour and I have no doubt that there will be more Fuzzpotlings next year that will share this look.  Layla was such a cutie to make, with her spectacles and bobble hat.


It was great to see them all together too…. a rainbow of fluff and fuzziness.  Once they had all found homes, it was time for Holly….


This little one was more about the colours of the season. The reds, greens and golds just seemed to feel right with her deep copper hair.


As with most of the ‘Suitcase Dolls’ they are prepared for any weather.  I made Holly a slightly longer dress, but you probably should know she is sporting bright red bloomers underneath.

Holly is just about to start her travels today….off to meet a new friend that she will hopefully make very happy indeed.  And finally there is ‘Hope’.  She is the final Fuzzpotling for 2018…..


Cute as a button with her pale blue eyes and custard yellow hair.  For some reason, the colours here really sing to me….and I realised that perhaps yellows have been missing from my palette for far too long.  Hope is wearing a little toque hat…


and has a yellow umbrella to match her tights and the stripes in her dress, not to mention the fluffy custard blonde hair.


And there we have it……..the entire collection all finished off.  Now, it isn’t that I close the doors on Shedquarters completely.  I will still be making and crafting……and I will still be sharing those adventures with you all, but this year December is going to be Sock month.


You may remember that earlier in the year I started my little pile of snuggly goodness.  Many of these socks now see regular action, and I am very pleased that my youngest daughter loves wearing Mum’s handmade socks to work on a Saturday.  She works in a very busy local farm shop tearoom ( great experience for a shy 15 year old, who is already gaining in confidence and learning some really valuable ‘people skills’).  On her feet all day, she says they are the best things ever……how can I refuse 🙂

I love using beautiful hand dyed yarn, and really get excited if I can make a pair of socks and a little dress from 100g of pure joy….


So this December I will be doing just that… look out in the Spring for new dolls wearing some fantastic new dresses… an assortment of hats.

Soon it will be Christmas decoration time………and as this year is the first for a very long time, that I haven’t had a ‘shop window’ to play with and theme (sadly)….the family may be feeling a little nervous !!  I do have plans 🙂

As children get older the ‘magic’ that existed around the festive season changes…….the excitement of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning isn’t quite the same as it once was….but that does’t mean it has to end.  I don’t leap from my bed at 4am as one of the kids scream “he’s been” and have that split second of doubt that one of the dogs has done something despicable on the floor…..before I remember what day it is, and realise that they mean Santa has filled the stockings !!

I still have the excitement of seeing  us all sat around the tree in our PJ’s opening cards and gifts, and the gentle waft of Turkey as it starts to roast.  Christmas is a great leveller…..and it is difficult for even the most ‘teenaged’ of kids not to love it.  The twinkling lights, the presence of good food and of course ‘family’.    So yes…. I am determined to enjoy it….there is much about life that I feel blessed by….so I will be digging out those board games, silly jumpers, kitsch decorations and having fun.  I hope you will all do the same.

I will be sharing some of my adventures here throughout December, so grab a comfy chair, your best or worst Christmas jumper and a cup of coffee or a glass of mulled wine and dip into the blog now and then. TTFN xxx


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. What a lovely post to read, you’ve made me feel all Christmassy, thank you. Your little Fuzzpotlings never fail to put a smile on my face, they are just so beautiful. I love to see them, and to hear that they have gone off to their forever homes to be loved and cherished.
    I am in Christmas card production. I always say I will do them early in the year, but never do, haha. It’s always a last minute type of thing. But it’s going ok, and most presents are bought, if not yet wrapped.
    I know what you mean about when the kids grow up, it’s not the same. Mine are 26 and 24 now, and although they are both still at home, they obviously have their own agendas now. My hubby doesn’t like Christmas so I feel a bit on my own, as it were.
    I also like to knit socks in beautiful hand-dyed yarns, and give them to people who I know will appreciate the time and love that go into every stitch. I plan to get more adventurous next year, try different techniques and patterns.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas time, and that your family appreciate all your efforts. I look forward to seeing who comes along in the New Year (Fuzzpotling-wise).
    Best Wishes
    Loraine xx

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