Merry Christmas wishes xx

Hello my Lovelies,

Time has marched on in its usual fashion, and I haven’t popped by for that all important cuppa with you all….which I miss.  I hope you are all doing well, have done the hard graft and preparation,  and can start to think about relaxing over the festive season.  Though difficult sometimes as you get swept along in the festive frenzy, I try to remember that its more about presence than presents.

The decorations are up and shed quarters has closed its doors for a few days…..


….I can still see it peaking at me, and can almost hear it saying “Come Back Soon”, which of course…I will.  I had hoped at this point to be sharing pictures of socks and other little handmade items…..but I will be honest its been a bit of a tricky time.  I have been waiting on our elderly greyhound Twiglet, hand, paw and finger, as she recovers from a major operation.  36 teeth removed, and a little reconstructive surgery has meant time spent dealing with that little madam!  We love her to bits and are really pleased that she is making such a splendid recovery.


A relief that things have got back to normal for us to be honest.  Anyway, the tree is up…


…..and someone, can’t always be trusted to leave the gifts alone!  Hmmmm!  At nearly 8 years old, I thought he may have grown up…….the menace!

I love Christmas decorations, and have to admit to having missed being a part of creating the window display at the wool shop this year.


That said, I do have little herds of reindeer still 🙂IMG_4431

The tree is largely a red and white affair….with Toadstools, Candy Canes (not real ones for the reason mentioned above….you know….the one with the big pink nose!)  & Scandi inspired baubles…but me being me….there is the odd random one too….I love this whale!


So there we are….brought up to date…with a few days to go…..not bad if I do say so myself!!  That just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New Year.


Thank you all for popping in and out……I really appreciate your company.



Laurie xxx

One thought on “Merry Christmas wishes xx

  1. Your tree looks lovely, although I’m afraid I don’t share your enthusiasm for the whale. I’ve seen some strange decorations this year, pizza slices, hotdogs, flamingos, ice cream cones, lips and so on. I like traditional.
    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and I hope the New Year is a good one.
    Your poor doggy, will she need a soft diet from now on? My youngest is obsessed with the tree, and the presents underneath? He’s already smashed a bauble. It’s funny watching him though.
    I think I must knit a few reindeers for next year, they’re so cute.
    Best wishes
    Loraine xx


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