Good Morning…..

Well it really is a little bit murky here today.  The frost that brought all of the twinkle seems to have been replaced by dull, damp and grey stuff……murky indeed.  Let us not be down hearted though, as my little Shed is brimful of colour, texture and patterns….so it has its own sense of sunshine, even on the dullest of days.

It’s great that you, like me, have found your way back to the Shed.  It is an exciting time of year and although the days are shorter, the ambience of lamps, candles and fairy lights do tend to make the place feel cosy…..and despite my best efforts…..I love the build up to Christmas.


I have been very busy like anyone with a family, job and craft addiction will appreciate.


Having taken a little detour with crochet dolls, I have only just got back on track with the Waldorf Inspired Suitcase dolls.  These particular dolls are inspired by the very natural world of Waldorf ideology. Waldorf education promotes the idea of surrounding your child with natural materials, that speak closely to the soul, with colours that are soothing and imaginative.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to work with natural materials.

Each doll is about 13″ (33cm) tall. Their head is sculpted from cleaned and carded sheeps wool, using traditional Waldorf techniques and using natural materials for their skin (100% cotton jersey, free of chemicals and pill resistant) and their features are hand embroidered, and their cheeks and noses are blushed with harmless beeswax crayon.

They are a joy to create and it is wonderful to have received such lovely feedback on them.  This year I started with Esther…..


Esther really is a cutie, and I have loved working with these colours.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the Head over Heels Sock Yarn from Stylecraft.  It was really fun to knit the little dress and see the stripes emerging in colours that I wouldn’t necessarily put together….so of course….I have had to buy more!  It would have been rude not to.

Esther has such set and fluffy hair….and of course its pink.  Crocheting the little wig cap is painstaking, I’m not going to lie, but I am always really pleased with the outcome.  You can brush it, pop it up in bunches and stick a hat on, and it still looks cute.


I thought I would go for pale blue eyes for Esther…and I am really quite pleased with them.  She has a little whimsical look and seems to make me smile, whenever I see her.

And then it was straight on to Breeze….


Oh my what gorgeous hair she has.  Created using hand dyed Teeswater Locks in the colours inspired by the sea….


I am absolutely thrilled with her.  Her knitted dress in a semi solid pink yarn seems to suit her so well.

As colour combinations go….I have always loved soft chalky pinks and pale aqua…..but that probably won’t be too much of a surprise to many of you.  I should probably say that each of the little suitcase dolls are one of a kinds….completely individual.

While these two wait for a new home, where they can make some happy memories with someone special, they are becoming quite close friends ……


I wonder what mischief they might be hatching!

I am almost finished the third little Fuzzpotling in the batch…and I don’t want to say too much…but the hair colour I’m using for this one, I have never used before on a fuzzy head.  I am already quite smitten and excited to share this one with you….but anyone a fan of purple might just like it too.

I had better say toodle pip for now…as wigs don’t make themselves….and nor do Sunday dinners.


Have a lovely Sunday everyone…..relax and do what you enjoy.  I will pop back soon xx