Trying to make sense of it all…..

It is difficult to make sense of the world sometimes, and this week has been a particular struggle.  The events in Manchester earlier this week, are simply too sad to comprehend. Geographically it is some distance away, and yet suddenly the miles feel less and the closeness stronger.  My thoughts are with all of those affected by this awful tragedy.

I have been quite thankful of escaping to the shed today. It is warm and sunny and the doors have been open wide.  I have also been thankful of the company.


The unwavering companionship of Ted, his light rhythmic snoring and the occasional quizzical look if I happen to talk out loud, means I never feel truly alone, when everyone else in the family is out and about, getting on with their day.  He is happy to potter about with me as I do the most boring of household chores……I sometimes wonder….if he had thumbs would he offer to help ?!

The ‘Willow’ block blanket is making slow, but steady progress….


I am quite pleased with the colours, so far, and am thinking ahead to the joining colour. I am leaning towards a mushroom/parchment option, as I think that cream may be a little….well…… too cream really!  I have 36 blocks complete so far, and am really enjoying it still.

I am tempted to throw in pistachio and possibly mocha (although I am a little scared that this will darken it down). It’s very confusing!


I hope you all have a great day …… whatever you are doing.

I will be back really soon.




Loose Ends….

It seems to have been one of those weeks here at Fuzzpot Lane.  There doesn’t seem to have been enough hours in the day, and yet the week seems to be dragging its heels. I’ve been busy but don’t seem to have got much done….I think we will call this a ‘wading through treacle’ kind of a week, and hope there is something sweet at the end of it!

On the plus side it is Thursday…..and Thursday is Shed day.  Things always seem to be better when I sit in my little magical wooden capsule and play with colourful yarn and other bits and bobs, leaving my worries at the old railway sleeper that I use for a step. Even the busy bee seemed like good company for a short while, until he buzzed off.

So after a nice cuppa, I’ve settled myself in on the old church pew and am about to embark on tying up some loose ends…..


As you may remember,  I had started a blanket a week or so ago, using the Willow Square pattern from Jan Eaton’s crochet blocks book. I love this pattern, and have seen some amazing blankets on Pinterest and Instagram using it.

It is simple to remember, looks pretty either with one colour or many and is great if you are looking for something transportable.  I have made several squares now, so need to sew in the ends…..not really the part I enjoy.  I would love to say I always sew the pesky little beasts in as I go, but I don’t…..that said, I have learnt not to leave it all to the end ( I still have a blanket languishing somewhere with ends still waving, albeit folded to make it look pretty, but there are so many it’s too scary to even contemplate!) Oh well, in the words of Rag n Bone Man…I’m only human after all.


Anyway, take a deep breathe and crack on, as they say.   I normally have a fairly good plan with any project colour wise, I use my trusty yarn peg planner from Get Knitted…


… play with colour, and know exactly how many squares or rows in each colour that I will need.  To cut a long story short….I’ve gone feral with this blanket.  I’m off piste and hooking without a plan!  Who knows what the result will be, but I am hoping to pull it all together eventually with a lovely border.

Now the eagle eyed amongst you may notice a bit of a ripple blanket lurking there too……this is the bit where I stand up and say ” Hello, my name is Laurie and I am a serial starter of blankets!”   It’s the colours….they make me do it. I start off one thing and suddenly see other combinations while I work.


So, yes, I also have a ripple blanket on the go as well.  I couldn’t help myself!  This ripple is using Stylecraft yarns, but to get the shading I wanted,  I used Stylecraft Special DK and Stylecraft Life DK where there was a slight tonal gap.  I am hoping that the two blankets will look stunning together when finished…..that really will be living the dream, especially if I can treat myself to a little more Pip Studio. I wonder if this may have had some influence on my colour choices.


My personal trainer has turned up…..


Looks like I’m off for walkies before anymore ends can be sewn in.

Have a great day all xx








Willow Square Blanket


There has been some beautiful crochet blanket pictures on Instagram lately, and I have to say, I have been feeling very inspired.  I love making animals….I love making dolls…and there is a part of me, that would love to love making blankets…but the truth is, I start off well, but end up getting a tad impatient with the time it takes, the ends that need sewing in etc etc etc.

But I have been thinking…..

…..and thinking and thinking.  I would like to have a new blanket for Shedquarters.  The crochet Ripple blanket that resides on the old church pew now, could be retired and a lovely new blanket could take its place.

I have had a bit of fun, pulling together colours, and over the last couple of evenings creating a few Willow squares from the Jan Eaton 200 Crochet Blocks book. This book is a really great buy if you are a crocheter and is a staple for many blanket makers.  The instructions are clear, and the options for creativity are many.

Ideally, I want my blanket to have vintage charm, with a modern twist.  For those of you who know me, you will understand, that I like colour, often dressed like an explosion in a paint factory, my blanket will need to reflect this…..Shedquarters is no place for neutrals!


So, with that all important cuppa….I have made a start.  I am 10 blocks in, I’ve memorised the pattern ( very handy for portability), and am starting off with 4 squares of each colour.  Although I have a little pile of woolly possibilities, these shades may not all make the cut…..I am going with the flow.


I will be dipping in and out of blanket making, as other projects take my fancy, but I am already feeling quite jaunty about the whole process.


My hope is that a pile of freshly made blankets will be waiting each time those little shed doors are flung open. Oh happy days !


Until then it will be fun making these little squares and playing happily with all of that colour….


Have a happy day.

L xx