Willow Square Blanket


There has been some beautiful crochet blanket pictures on Instagram lately, and I have to say, I have been feeling very inspired.  I love making animals….I love making dolls…and there is a part of me, that would love to love making blankets…but the truth is, I start off well, but end up getting a tad impatient with the time it takes, the ends that need sewing in etc etc etc.

But I have been thinking…..

…..and thinking and thinking.  I would like to have a new blanket for Shedquarters.  The crochet Ripple blanket that resides on the old church pew now, could be retired and a lovely new blanket could take its place.

I have had a bit of fun, pulling together colours, and over the last couple of evenings creating a few Willow squares from the Jan Eaton 200 Crochet Blocks book. This book is a really great buy if you are a crocheter and is a staple for many blanket makers.  The instructions are clear, and the options for creativity are many.

Ideally, I want my blanket to have vintage charm, with a modern twist.  For those of you who know me, you will understand, that I like colour, often dressed like an explosion in a paint factory, my blanket will need to reflect this…..Shedquarters is no place for neutrals!


So, with that all important cuppa….I have made a start.  I am 10 blocks in, I’ve memorised the pattern ( very handy for portability), and am starting off with 4 squares of each colour.  Although I have a little pile of woolly possibilities, these shades may not all make the cut…..I am going with the flow.


I will be dipping in and out of blanket making, as other projects take my fancy, but I am already feeling quite jaunty about the whole process.


My hope is that a pile of freshly made blankets will be waiting each time those little shed doors are flung open. Oh happy days !


Until then it will be fun making these little squares and playing happily with all of that colour….


Have a happy day.

L xx


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