Suitcase Dolls and Shed time….


Today is about finishing off the trio of little girls that have been waiting patiently at Shedquarters.  Emily, Gracie and Francesca, have all picked their little matching suitcases, and these have now been turned into their little rooms with a view.

As you can see Emily…..IMG_4245

…….has picked a plain aqua blue case, that really matches her clothes.

Gracie and Francesca have picked out pretty vintage patterns, that match theirs too..

So finally, these little girls can now officially look for their new forever homes, where they can make new friends, create happy memories and enjoy some great adventures.

I will be writing up the patterns soon for the slouch beret and little toque hats, and adding these onto the blog, should you be interested 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂



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