Trying to make sense of it all…..

It is difficult to make sense of the world sometimes, and this week has been a particular struggle.  The events in Manchester earlier this week, are simply too sad to comprehend. Geographically it is some distance away, and yet suddenly the miles feel less and the closeness stronger.  My thoughts are with all of those affected by this awful tragedy.

I have been quite thankful of escaping to the shed today. It is warm and sunny and the doors have been open wide.  I have also been thankful of the company.


The unwavering companionship of Ted, his light rhythmic snoring and the occasional quizzical look if I happen to talk out loud, means I never feel truly alone, when everyone else in the family is out and about, getting on with their day.  He is happy to potter about with me as I do the most boring of household chores……I sometimes wonder….if he had thumbs would he offer to help ?!

The ‘Willow’ block blanket is making slow, but steady progress….


I am quite pleased with the colours, so far, and am thinking ahead to the joining colour. I am leaning towards a mushroom/parchment option, as I think that cream may be a little….well…… too cream really!  I have 36 blocks complete so far, and am really enjoying it still.

I am tempted to throw in pistachio and possibly mocha (although I am a little scared that this will darken it down). It’s very confusing!


I hope you all have a great day …… whatever you are doing.

I will be back really soon.




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