Now and then…..

Good Morning folks….. the Shed doors are wide open and ready for the start of a brand new day.  The coffee is brewed, so why not pull up a chair and share a virtual morning cuppa with me.


Having celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday…which made me go …’yikes’ internally, on several occasions, I am feeling actually quite blessed that I have such wonderful family and friends, who made the day feel special.

I suppose I thought that I would ‘feel’ older by now….but I have to admit, I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up and some days it is difficult to start ‘adulating’.  Life is a blessing and it should be, for the most part…

So have you grabbed that cuppa yet ?


I always wanted this blog to have reality…as well as fluff and nonsense.  I find as an avid blog reader myself, the constant euphoria of an unreal existence can make the audience feel ‘less’. Now don’t panic, I am not about to share the ‘ugly’ shots of dusty corners and piles of ironing….we all need a little escapism too ( I’m escaping mine right now, by writing this blog!)  but its more about mood and emotion….again, no need to concern yourself here either…I’m not an over-sharer…so will not be dwelling!

I am however, a little ‘grumpy’ today……and once I’ve had my coffee I’m sure I will feel much better.  I suppose the phrase “I’m not angry, just disappointed “…best suits my current situation.

In the first instance, I received a message from a very lovely lady, advising me that somebody on Etsy, was selling my patterns and using my photography to do so, claiming the designs as their own.  I’ve tackled that one directly and am pleased to say that they have now been removed.

I know that the secondary issue is probably not deliberate but just something that upsets me because of the way it has been done.  I love engaging and inspiring through social media, and to know that you may have encouraged someone on their creative journey, albeit in a small way, is a wonderful thing.  But when that inspiration or encouragement, oversteps into ‘copying’ it feels wrong, especially when any credit is redirected and the ‘ownership’ of the design is assumed.   On most patterns, the designer asks for a little nod to their original pattern design… isn’t unusual or, in my opinion, much to ask, but there you go. It’s the rough with the smooth I suppose 🙂

Anyway, on a brighter note….let us move on and catch up.

I have been a busy little bee over the summer, despite the hot weather.  Some of you may remember that I had a little problem with blanket project finishing.  Well, at last Christmas I finished the Willow Square blanket…


…affectionately named the “Willow or Won’t She”, by my lovely friend Sue!  It was the start of something wonderful…….blanket finishing.  After much deliberation, I decided that the Persian Tiles Blanket by Jane Crowfoot would be the next project to tackle….and when the Eastern Jewels colour way by Lucia Dunn, came out it quite literally had me at ‘Hello’

The design does need discipline with ‘end’ sewing.  Each motif, needs its ends sewing in as you go….otherwise you will have an absolute nightmare to finish.  When I saw the colours piled up together, I wasn’t sure, but after the first motif, I knew I was down the rabbit hole…the colours were stunning and the pattern addictive.

So this is what I did this summer…..

And finally it grew into this….  I couldn’t be more thrilled.


The last few weeks has seen me back with the little hook, and I have to say it is my happy place.  Dottie and Dash, quite literally flew off of the hook.  These little friends, sold as a pair and already off to their new home, were inspired by ‘friendship’….and prove that friends come in all shapes and sizes 🙂

Dottie’s mass of curls turned out to be a wonderful mix of cornflower blues, lilacs and aqua….I have to say I would be tempted by it myself 🙂


The colours really drive me, and it was just fun to match her little baby giraffe friend to her and the speckles in her dress.


Oh the fun that can be had with a little fluff and nonsense.  I am working up some new batches of curls and colours, and I am so excited.  The little pals will also be a little different each time too.  I hope you stick with me as I share the new ones over the coming weeks….I’m very excited.

Well. those dusty corners and that ironing won’t be doing itself….so I must venture out of Shedquarters.   I am so glad to have come back to the blog.

Thank you for being here too my friends.

Have a great day xx

5 thoughts on “Now and then…..

  1. Oh it makes me so mad when I hear of plagiarism ( sp.???), how dare they.? But you could also turn it around, to a compliment. Out of all the talented makers and designers out there, she chose you. Haha!!😁 still stinks though.
    I met Lucia Dunn at Black Sheep Wools a few months back. It was a Stylecraft yarn promo day, and she had kits for the Persian Tiles, but they had run out of the pattern on it’s own. I don’t crochet myself, it was my friend who wanted it, she didn’t want a kit, she wanted to choose her own colours. Lucia was lovely and gave my friend lots of advice about joining up your granny squares. Anyway when I went to Edinburgh Yarn Festival I got one from the Jane Crowfoot stall, so all is good.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better, I’ve missed seeing your beautiful fuzzpotlings, and reading all about your world.
    I’ve got to take a poorly doggy to the vets now, so must go for now.
    Love and hugs, Loraine x


    1. Thank you Loraine. I have turned my frown upside down and taken the view that imitation is a form of flattery…..niggled by the way it was done, but there are worse things in the world than that. I really loved the Persian Tiles pattern….and have started another, however this is lying dormant at the moment whilst I hatch a few more Fuzzpotlings…..but I will definitely revisit it from time to time. I am sorry to hear that you have a poorly doggy. I really hope that the Vet can work some magic and get them on the mend soon. Will be thinking of you xx


      1. Thank you. He has an upper respiratory infection and is on anti-biotics. He seems a bit better already, and has managed to eat a bit of ham, so all is well. Just been for a gigantic shop, and now it’s time to knit xx 😀


  2. Wonderful color and creativity in the Persian Tiles/Eastern Jewels blanket. So beautiful and so YOU!
    Love what is happening in your shed too. Sometimes it takes a while for the mojo to return but when it does, things look fresh and new and it becomes a time to regroup and focus, perhaps in a new direction. Just keep up all the lovelies. You certainly make the world a brighter place. ❤ xx


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