It’s a frock thing!

Someone has been told to tidy their room…..and they really don’t want to!


It’s been a bit of a funny old week really.  I haven’t really tackled the things on my “To-Do List”, but I have made knitted some frocks!

Little dresses are a great way to use up those pretty bits of sock yarn, that languish in a basket, after the first sock is complete, and the next sock is looming large like a mountain to climb.  Now there are many who love a matching ‘pair’, but I have come to embrace my second sock syndrome, and no longer give an odd pair a second thought.  I tried the ‘almost’ matching, but to be honest now I quite brazenly believe in the ‘go big or go home’ ideology, whereby the wildest combinations are the happiest kind.

Anyway, back to dresses…..


I really love the fair isle effect of the self patterning yarn, but I have to admit, I am absolutely smitten but the gradient dyed yarns.


There is something really exciting about not knowing for sure, where the colour change will end up… makes each little dress completely unique…IMG_4312

The little cotton bloomers, just make me smile…..


Who doesn’t like a big voluminous pant in the summer!!


Anyway, this weeks challenge is to finish off a couple of new little Fuzzpotlings, write up the hat pattern to share with you all, and make sure a bit of that Willow blanket gets edged.




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