Just a quick ‘Hello’


August is all but over…..it went by me at a gallop, and took me by surprise.  After a wonderful family holiday in the mountains of Spain, here we are on a Bank Holiday Monday, thankfully enjoying some lovely weather, and me and the magical shed are in full  ‘Christmas’ mode!   There…I’ve said it….Christmas!  I’m not shouting it like Noddy Holder…..more softly implying that it’s on its way, really.

For the crafters among you, there will be a resolute understanding that by the time the kids go back to school and September looms large, focus has to take on a festive flavour.  Handmade gifts take time to create, and in all honesty, it is this that makes them special and heartfelt.

So here I am……making Angels (albeit ‘quirky’ angels) and crocheting reindeer!


My Rosie and Reggie Reindeer pattern , is probably one of my most popular designs.  I have made herds of these little creatures over the past few years, and I love crocheting them.  There is a world of possibility with colours, from the very traditional, through to a little bit ‘boho’….

I wouldn’t want anyone to peak too soon, on the festive front, so I am not going to mention much more today….but I will be back this week, with some more snippets and silliness.

Before I go, I will show you what my work table looked like today though….


There are knitted dresses, for the Angels, waiting in the wings (no pun intended!)….they need blocking and buttons…..mad little wigs to be crocheted…..and some little elfin hats.

Hope you are having a beautiful evening.


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