Birdhouses, little frocks & mini skeins…

It’s been a funny sort of day really, the sun has been playing hide and seek, the hail stones have been punishing the daffodils , and the horror…I have run out of cappuccino pods for my coffee machine.

Now despite the low caffeine levels and the poor old droopy daffs, I have had a pretty good day.  Mr Postie came bearing gifts……


The caravan birdhouse was a little bit of a spur of the moment purchase from ‘DotcomGiftshop’ …..I saw it and actually fell in love with the colours, the curtains and its all round level of cuteness.  I am fairly sure that you will see it popping up in the background to a few photographs in the future. The little espresso cups fell into the shopping cart at the same time….they were in the sale, and will actually become little button pots in the Shed….again, it’s all about the colour!

And so we come to the yarn….the little bunch of mini skeins.  There are few things that I actually wait for, but when I hear that Hedgerow Yarns has an Etsy shop update pending, I can quite often be found on the sofa, clutching my mobile phone, poised to snaffle a treat.


I have plans for these little 20g mini skeins ….. I hope that they will grow into little hats and scarves for those little Waldorf inspired dolls (Fuzzpotlings), that I spend my time making these days.  The colours are stunning, and I am already, mentally writing lists, and pulling colours together for the next batch of dolls.


I can already see some happy couplings with the little frocks that are happily hanging on the rail.

Have a lovely day wherever you may be……





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