A little bit of Shed time…

Today is going to be one of those days…..


One of those….haven’t a clue what to wear days!

The weather is gloomy, the news has been grim and it just feels like a bit of an uphill kind of a day.  That said, it is Thursday, and once my housework is been done, I can make my way down the garden path, to my little warm and snuggly Shed…..


The spotty windows, and the higgledy piggledy collections of brightly coloured ‘stuff’, never fail to lift the spirits and inspire me to create. The next little trio of ‘suitcase dolls’ are coming along nicely and will soon have their very own little bedroom with a window on their world….


So today, will be about crocheting the bodies, legs and arms….thinking about hair colour, and working through my sock yarn stash to see which of the beautiful hand dyed yarns to use for hand knitted frocks, hats and scarves.

It is a kind of ‘escapology’ !

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