Mothering Sunday

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, and it really was a glorious day.  The weather was perfect and I enjoyed a lovely family day.


Some days a slow start and the soft repetition of crochet, can really be the best tonic. That, a nice cup of cappuccino and a smattering of sunshine…..and I am feeling epic!


Undoubtedly the countryside will soon be alive with the bleating of little spring lambs calling to their Mums. I have to admit, this is my favourite time of the year.  I remember a holiday up in Cumbria, where, due to the weather conditions, the smaller  lambs, had little raincoats on to protect them from the elements.

The little lambs in the picture above, were made using a pattern from Stip en Haak.  I really enjoyed making these Spring favourites.  I used a combination of King Cole Yarn….Cherished for the arms and legs ( it’s self striping, so is perfect for this), and the very soft King Cole Cuddles for the fuzzy body.  A little bit of standard double knit for the faces and “Voila”!  Crocheting in the King Cole Cuddles can be a little tricky, I will be honest, but once you are in the swing of it, it’s worth the effort.

And then things just get a little bit silly!!

Have a great day 🙂

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