A day in Shedquarters…

I love Thursdays….

Obviously I have the normal day to day stuff to do, but Thursday is the one day a week, that I can skip off to my Shed, and come rain or shine, enjoy a little of its magic.


On a good day, the doors can be flung open and the garden can become an extension of this little dwelling….on days like these, my constant companion ( who is not actually allowed inside the shed), sometimes sneaks a crafty snooze, just inside the door.


This is what makes this my ‘happy place’.

Today is about reviewing, a couple of unfinished projects, and now that we are officially into British Summer time, those crochet blankets aren’t going to do themselves.  This one is the one I have set my sets on finishing first….it has languished long enough, so in-between, doll making, I will be adding squares here and there.


To be honest, I keep seeing some beautiful crochet jackets made of Granny squares, and am very tempted to morph these patches of crochet joy into a cardigan of sorts, but I am a little unsure as the pale blue has a hint of sparkle…….hmmmm….might have to have another cuppa and think about that.

As I am a slightly more ‘ample’ build, “Rubenesque’  is how I’d prefer to be described……garments for myself seem like more of an undertaking than I would like them to be….but I am very tempted by this idea.


Into the notebook it goes…..

Today my worktable has other more pressing matters….getting some hair on these little waldorf inspired “Fuzzpotlings” and planning clothes….must dash 🙂


Have a super day


L xx

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