Bye Bye March …Hello April

It only seem like yesterday that we were pulling crackers, and wondering what to do with the left over turkey….and yet here it is….April!

GCSE revision is well underway for Thing 1, and this morning Thing 2 left for archery in wellies and a thermal vest…’s the first day of the outdoor archery season.

We will soon be on our first expedition of the year.  It isn’t really an ‘expedition’ in the normal sense….it’s a family holiday….but the packing for any such adventure, at this time of year, can feel fairly epic.


The great outdoors is called ‘great’ for very good reason, but trying to explain that to teenagers, can be a tad tricky….we have dogs who are always appreciative of it’s greatness, a yearning to explore and a feeling that time is precious, so there!

Scotland 073

Now for the knitter/crocheter, there is always an added level of anxiety when packing for a holiday….not only do you have to make sure that everyone has enough underwear, all of the items needed for either a heatwave, monsoon or arctic wind, but the most pressing concern…….what yarn should I take, and will I have enough?

Nobody is an island…but sometimes a little bit of down time knitting or crocheting is the only way to stay sane.

Scotland 040

So I will be giving a huge amount of thought today, to what yarn I will be packing and what projects I will start…….

Have a great weekend….



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