Hoppy Easter!


Hello there…

It’s Easter weekend, and I hope that you are all having a wonderful time.  Easter bunnies are everywhere here at Fuzzpot Lane….with twitchy noses and fluffy tails…who could blame me!


Merry weather & Earl are bigger bunnies, but the smaller Snuggly Boo whips up in no time and is a bit of a gifting staple at this time of year.


We have just returned from lovely break in North Devon, and I have to say, I don’t think I have stopped long enough in this pretty picturesque little county before.  I always seem to have been dashing through on the way to Cornwall.


A walk to Watersmeet on a beautiful sunny morning, really was just the ticket.  The gurgling water, the odd loud splash as Ted took a plunge in water deeper than he imagined, and the inevitable “are we there yet” all added to the memories from childhood.


The tearoom where the actual waters meet, a welcome rest spot, before the walk back into Lynmouth.

I think you can always get the measure of a place, with a nice cuppa in hand….mind you, someone always seems to stick their nose in…….naughty boy Ted!


Although I didn’t seem to get much crochet or knitting done this holiday, I did manage to knit up a couple of little frocks for the next trio of Suitcase Dolls.  Once blocked and finished, I will certainly share a sneak peak with you.  I have really enjoyed using some pretty 4 ply sock yarns for these, when I post next I will start adding some more details about the yarns, should anyone be interested.

I am just settling on some names fro the next 3 dolls, and like to have them in mind before I add hair and outfits.  I always think that this gives them quite a bit of personality. I am currently working with these three names …Emily, Francesca and Gracie.

Well, I will love you and leave you for now, and hope to see you again very soon.  Once again, I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend 🙂

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