Sunshine starts…..


I think I must be one of those annoying ‘morning’ people.  I tend to get up early and love nothing more than a wander along the garden path to the shed, still in Pj’s and clutching a cappuccino in a favourite mug.

The colours always seem to be that much more vibrant first thing and it really makes me want to add a few more touches to the little folk I am working on.

This morning I was greeted with the little faces of Gracie and Francesca.  I tend to make them in three’s,  there is a third…Emily….but her little blond wig is still currently under construction, so she is feeling a little shy this morning!

Faces are what attracts me most to doll making.  There is much to be said for creating little characters out of wool.  It evokes happy childhood memories for me.  I was a bookworm when younger, and still am really.  The stories, which if I am to be honest though keeping their charm, seemed quite dated when I re-read them again to my own children, seem to have stayed, tucked away in my heart somewhere.  The magic that Enid Blyton managed to create for me, with her Tales from the Faraway Tree, linger to this day, and perhaps my happy place of Fuzzpot Lane, in part, started then……who knows.

I also wanted to share some of my holiday adventures with you. Last week, whilst away in North Devon, we happened upon a quite magical and unexpected find, in the form of Broomhill Sculpture Garden.

The Broomhill Art & Sculpture Foundation launched it’s National Sculpture Prize competition in 2009, to provide an exciting challenge for new and emerging UK based sculptors, and these are exhibited in the beautiful setting of Broomhill. The exhibition exemplifies the diverse forms that culture can take, with some having quite serious messages and others simply being fun. You can see much more over on the Broom hill Art page


I don’t profess to understand art on a deep and intellectual level, I love art for the simple things like colour, texture, light, and shape.  But there is something to be said for faces…


And there were plenty of them to choose from..


Broomhill is about art….but it’s also about nature…..but mainly it really is a great day out.  The hotel is unusual, quirky and relaxing, the food is gorgeous and the bar, well enough said really.

After a lovely pint, it was time for a stretch and to make our way home….


Now, for me, it’s back to making little Emily’s wig!


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