I must be a little bit odd, because I actually quite like Mondays! I tend to think that a Monday heralds the start of a new week, and is full of hope and promise.  The things that didn’t get done last week, either no longer seem relevant or can be scheduled in for this week.

Mondays are the start of something different.  A tentative foray into something new perhaps.  The little deer above was a happy Monday find. On a drive around the Isle of Arran, some months ago, we happened upon this little creature wandering along the beach. I don’t think I had ever seen a deer taking a stroll among the rock pools before…..Mondays….anything can happen!

The plan this week ( Monday….always starts with a plan), is to get the little Suitcase Dolls finished.

I love creating these funny little characters, and have got some beautiful Sass & Belle suitcases waiting for mini bunting, and other bits and bobs, that will match them perfectly. Each of the suitcases has a little window, and the window inserts are photographs of local places that are particularly special, for one reason or another.


It may be, like the one above, that the light on that particular morning was just so pretty, or the actual place has a meaning.  I am hoping to include some notes on the places featured in the little windows next……work in progress!


I am also working on a couple of little dolly hat patterns at the moment…a knit and a crochet one.  These little hats, will be sized for the little Fuzzpotling Suitcase dolls, but I thought it would be nice to be able to offer a few little simple and free accessory patterns.

Right, I had better get this Monday started…..have a great day all 🙂


L xx


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