Just call me Mrs Many Projects!


With the warm weather that we have been ‘enjoying’, you might think that stitching of any kind is firmly put on the back burner.  I have to be honest, if it comes to that then you might as well wave my sanity goodbye until Autumn.

Instead, I have opted to do a somewhat startling impression of Beyonce……..a leap by anyones standards, so please let me explain. I have adopted a fan, cranked it up to maximum strength, and find myself in a permanent state of windswept….to be honest….that is pretty much where the similarities end between myself and Ms Knowles……”uh oh, uh oh, uh no no !”  That said, the wind machine effect, has meant that I can continue to do what I love.


I have a couple of dolls on the work bench at the moment, and have been taking my time to decide what colours will best suit them.  Of course, what I should really say, is that I have been addicted to making little dresses.


It isn’t like they didn’t have a little frock to choose from, it is simply that I love making them.  Working in 4ply sock yarn is such a treat.  With an extensive stash of hand dyed yarn, it is a fantastic way of using up the bits and bobs.  I have now started experimenting with different lace patterns on the skirt, and am thinking that I may have to dabble with  ‘intarsia’ come the end of summer.


I aim to complete a couple more knitted dresses, then do the blocking and finally add the little buttons this week.  I also will be popping back later this week to add the free hat patterns I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, should anyone be interested in those.


I am also in the process of crocheting the wigs for these little ones.  I have chosen a honey blonde and a pale pink mohair, but have also been creating curls for future little girls….just like Hattie has here….


The fun with this,  is in the colour combinations.  Hattie’s hair was made up of 6 subtle shades, ranging from powder blue to pink.  I have some golds, blues, magenta and reds planned for the end of summer, just like little Evie and her friends.


Now I haven’t mentioned the Willow Square Blanket…..there is good reason for that!  I would like to say it’s been too hot for me to be blanket making….but that would be a bit of a fib.

I have been a little indecisive when it comes to the ‘edge’ colour….I won’t lie….and I may have mentioned this to my friend Sue, a couple of times….I say a ‘couple’.  Basically, I’m in a bit of a tiz over it.  I know what I want the end result to be, and I can’t quite decide whether ‘Mushroom’ is the way forward, so I have done what I believe is right…….I have run away from it!  Yep….I have told it to sit in the naughty corner….think about what it has done…..and I will come back to it later !! No eye contact between us until the weather is cooler!

I am  focussing on dolls….dolls dresses…..dolls hats….dolls shoes…..dolls hair….well anything but that blanket really!


Thank you for being so patient with me…. I know I haven’t been about much of late.  What with one daughter just finishing GCSE’s and getting ready for Prom this week, and the other doing end of year tests, archery tournaments, and going to gigs, life seems to have got in the way of our coffee and shed time, a little.

Please take a wander around the blog, and settle down with a cuppa at Shedquarters, and I will be back very soon my Lovelies xx


It’s a frock thing!

Someone has been told to tidy their room…..and they really don’t want to!


It’s been a bit of a funny old week really.  I haven’t really tackled the things on my “To-Do List”, but I have made knitted some frocks!

Little dresses are a great way to use up those pretty bits of sock yarn, that languish in a basket, after the first sock is complete, and the next sock is looming large like a mountain to climb.  Now there are many who love a matching ‘pair’, but I have come to embrace my second sock syndrome, and no longer give an odd pair a second thought.  I tried the ‘almost’ matching, but to be honest now I quite brazenly believe in the ‘go big or go home’ ideology, whereby the wildest combinations are the happiest kind.

Anyway, back to dresses…..


I really love the fair isle effect of the self patterning yarn, but I have to admit, I am absolutely smitten but the gradient dyed yarns.


There is something really exciting about not knowing for sure, where the colour change will end up…..it makes each little dress completely unique…IMG_4312

The little cotton bloomers, just make me smile…..


Who doesn’t like a big voluminous pant in the summer!!


Anyway, this weeks challenge is to finish off a couple of new little Fuzzpotlings, write up the hat pattern to share with you all, and make sure a bit of that Willow blanket gets edged.




It’s been a little while…

Hello Lovelies…..

It has been a little while since my last post.  There isn’t any one thing that has caused this hiatus, but stuff seems to have got in the way, and ruined my mojo!  The trouble is, once the mojo has been tampered with, it takes a bit of time to settle things back into a state of equilibrium. I seem to start lots of projects…..the crafting lightbulb moments come thick and fast….but the momentum doesn’t carry it through….and the enthusiasm seems to be on some sort of dimmer switch.

The good news is…..I have given myself a bit of talking to…..and I’ve made a list.  Now, I am not really one for ‘lists’, but sometimes, they are what wrestle me back from a bit of crafting oblivion.  So I am happy to say…..I have achieved……I am starting to actually finish off a few bits and bobs……and this little bit and bob is called Hattie.


I had made a few ‘Waldorf’ style heads, a little while ago…..and somewhat strangely, I had made some little dresses…..


What I seemed to be lacking was the ‘crochet’ accompaniment of bodies, limbs and wigs. The first thing on my list, was to finish off at least one doll and the feeling of putting a simple tick on a piece of paper and having a funny little face looking back at me, did the trick.  I am back in the zone.


I love naming the little dolls. I always think it gives them a character all of their own.  Hattie (which is short for Harriet), is cute and kind.  Her curly hair of pastel wool makes her quite unique.  There is a stubborn side to her though.  Hattie wants to ride her bike today, but refuses to put her little pink boots on……we are at a bit of a stand off. As a Mum of two teenage girls myself, Hattie hasn’t yet realised that this is a fools errand….I have training!!

I should mention that the ‘Willow’ square blanket is still high on the ‘To-finish’ list.  I now have 80 squares and am at that point when I know I should start joining them soon.  I am not quite sure which colour to use as the joining shade……I have a couple of options that I am toying with….but just can’t quite decide.  I may take some pictures next week, and garner your opinions on that. For this weekend…..it is still crocheting body parts for the other 2 dolls.

Oooh…..plimsolls…daps….pumps…..not sure what term to use really……but I bought some new ‘daps’ (Bristolian is my native language/dialect, so apologies if this causes any confusion!)  Anyway, as a dog lover, and a lover of new shoes, I found a wonderful seller on Etsy, who beautifully hand paints shoes. I would highly recommend you check out Lisa at http://www.izapas.etsy.com

I was able to choose the colour of the daps, and by sending a couple of pictures of Ted, she managed to put his likeness on my summer dog walking shoes…..it’s madness….but I love them.


The other thing, I am very excited about is that the lovely Susan, over at Mary Jane’s Tearoom has just released  a new pattern for a little sock yarn bear jacket.  I have loved her blog for such a long time, and been drawn in to the wonderful Tearoom world by her fantastic photography.  I can’t wait to make some little jackets of my own…….definitely added those to the ‘list’ !

Well, ‘time and tide waits for no man’, as the saying goes.  I have body parts to crochet so that this little Fuzzpotling, isn’t left in the Shed playing on her own!


Now are you going to put those boots on Hattie!?

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you may be up to.  Next week, if my list evolves as it should, I will be sharing the little knitted elfin beret pattern with you all.






Trying to make sense of it all…..

It is difficult to make sense of the world sometimes, and this week has been a particular struggle.  The events in Manchester earlier this week, are simply too sad to comprehend. Geographically it is some distance away, and yet suddenly the miles feel less and the closeness stronger.  My thoughts are with all of those affected by this awful tragedy.

I have been quite thankful of escaping to the shed today. It is warm and sunny and the doors have been open wide.  I have also been thankful of the company.


The unwavering companionship of Ted, his light rhythmic snoring and the occasional quizzical look if I happen to talk out loud, means I never feel truly alone, when everyone else in the family is out and about, getting on with their day.  He is happy to potter about with me as I do the most boring of household chores……I sometimes wonder….if he had thumbs would he offer to help ?!

The ‘Willow’ block blanket is making slow, but steady progress….


I am quite pleased with the colours, so far, and am thinking ahead to the joining colour. I am leaning towards a mushroom/parchment option, as I think that cream may be a little….well…… too cream really!  I have 36 blocks complete so far, and am really enjoying it still.

I am tempted to throw in pistachio and possibly mocha (although I am a little scared that this will darken it down). It’s very confusing!


I hope you all have a great day …… whatever you are doing.

I will be back really soon.




Loose Ends….

It seems to have been one of those weeks here at Fuzzpot Lane.  There doesn’t seem to have been enough hours in the day, and yet the week seems to be dragging its heels. I’ve been busy but don’t seem to have got much done….I think we will call this a ‘wading through treacle’ kind of a week, and hope there is something sweet at the end of it!

On the plus side it is Thursday…..and Thursday is Shed day.  Things always seem to be better when I sit in my little magical wooden capsule and play with colourful yarn and other bits and bobs, leaving my worries at the old railway sleeper that I use for a step. Even the busy bee seemed like good company for a short while, until he buzzed off.

So after a nice cuppa, I’ve settled myself in on the old church pew and am about to embark on tying up some loose ends…..


As you may remember,  I had started a blanket a week or so ago, using the Willow Square pattern from Jan Eaton’s crochet blocks book. I love this pattern, and have seen some amazing blankets on Pinterest and Instagram using it.

It is simple to remember, looks pretty either with one colour or many and is great if you are looking for something transportable.  I have made several squares now, so need to sew in the ends…..not really the part I enjoy.  I would love to say I always sew the pesky little beasts in as I go, but I don’t…..that said, I have learnt not to leave it all to the end ( I still have a blanket languishing somewhere with ends still waving, albeit folded to make it look pretty, but there are so many it’s too scary to even contemplate!) Oh well, in the words of Rag n Bone Man…I’m only human after all.


Anyway, take a deep breathe and crack on, as they say.   I normally have a fairly good plan with any project colour wise, I use my trusty yarn peg planner from Get Knitted…


…..to play with colour, and know exactly how many squares or rows in each colour that I will need.  To cut a long story short….I’ve gone feral with this blanket.  I’m off piste and hooking without a plan!  Who knows what the result will be, but I am hoping to pull it all together eventually with a lovely border.

Now the eagle eyed amongst you may notice a bit of a ripple blanket lurking there too……this is the bit where I stand up and say ” Hello, my name is Laurie and I am a serial starter of blankets!”   It’s the colours….they make me do it. I start off one thing and suddenly see other combinations while I work.


So, yes, I also have a ripple blanket on the go as well.  I couldn’t help myself!  This ripple is using Stylecraft yarns, but to get the shading I wanted,  I used Stylecraft Special DK and Stylecraft Life DK where there was a slight tonal gap.  I am hoping that the two blankets will look stunning together when finished…..that really will be living the dream, especially if I can treat myself to a little more Pip Studio. I wonder if this may have had some influence on my colour choices.


My personal trainer has turned up…..


Looks like I’m off for walkies before anymore ends can be sewn in.

Have a great day all xx








Willow Square Blanket


There has been some beautiful crochet blanket pictures on Instagram lately, and I have to say, I have been feeling very inspired.  I love making animals….I love making dolls…and there is a part of me, that would love to love making blankets…but the truth is, I start off well, but end up getting a tad impatient with the time it takes, the ends that need sewing in etc etc etc.

But I have been thinking…..

…..and thinking and thinking.  I would like to have a new blanket for Shedquarters.  The crochet Ripple blanket that resides on the old church pew now, could be retired and a lovely new blanket could take its place.

I have had a bit of fun, pulling together colours, and over the last couple of evenings creating a few Willow squares from the Jan Eaton 200 Crochet Blocks book. This book is a really great buy if you are a crocheter and is a staple for many blanket makers.  The instructions are clear, and the options for creativity are many.

Ideally, I want my blanket to have vintage charm, with a modern twist.  For those of you who know me, you will understand, that I like colour, often dressed like an explosion in a paint factory, my blanket will need to reflect this…..Shedquarters is no place for neutrals!


So, with that all important cuppa….I have made a start.  I am 10 blocks in, I’ve memorised the pattern ( very handy for portability), and am starting off with 4 squares of each colour.  Although I have a little pile of woolly possibilities, these shades may not all make the cut…..I am going with the flow.


I will be dipping in and out of blanket making, as other projects take my fancy, but I am already feeling quite jaunty about the whole process.


My hope is that a pile of freshly made blankets will be waiting each time those little shed doors are flung open. Oh happy days !


Until then it will be fun making these little squares and playing happily with all of that colour….


Have a happy day.

L xx


Suitcase Dolls and Shed time….


Today is about finishing off the trio of little girls that have been waiting patiently at Shedquarters.  Emily, Gracie and Francesca, have all picked their little matching suitcases, and these have now been turned into their little rooms with a view.

As you can see Emily…..IMG_4245

…….has picked a plain aqua blue case, that really matches her clothes.

Gracie and Francesca have picked out pretty vintage patterns, that match theirs too..

So finally, these little girls can now officially look for their new forever homes, where they can make new friends, create happy memories and enjoy some great adventures.

I will be writing up the patterns soon for the slouch beret and little toque hats, and adding these onto the blog, should you be interested 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂



Francesca…….Frannie to her friends!


Over the last few weeks I have been working on three Waldorf inspired dolls, and you have seen each one slowly develop.  The morning sunshine and bright freshness of spring is a wonderful time to experiment with colour, and despite the neutral tones of Francesca’s dress, there is something really quite sweet and vintage looking when mixed with soft pink and mauve.

This year, I made the decision to name each doll, as they were made, alphabetically.  Not only did this remind me of how many little dolls I had made, it also meant that I would look at names that did not instantly come to mind.  Now I have to admit, I haven’t done this completely alone,  my lovely friends on Facebook have helped me no end, with some wonderful suggestions for each of the letters, and there will certainly be some that I will use on the next alphabet cycle!

The names seem to add even more character, and help to develop the stories that bounce around in my head, whilst making each little doll.  These little stories, I hope will form part of the ‘Suitcase’ package at some point, when I have worked out the best way to include them.


So here we are with Francesca…….Frannie to her friends!

Francesca is an Italian female given name, derived from the Latin male name Franciscus meaning ‘the Frenchman’ It is widely used in most Romance languages, including Italian, French and Catalan, and place of origin is Italy.

This seems a terribly grown up name for a little girl, that has such a sense of adventure, gets into quite a pickle with her curly hair and whose favourite past time is reading comics and eating iced gems!  So to her friends she is indeed Frannie.

As with all of my dolls, they are completely handmade by me and inspired by the very natural nature of Waldorf ideology. Waldorf education promotes the idea of surrounding your child with natural materials, that speak closely to the soul, with colours that are soothing. The characterful nature of the dolls encourage imaginative play, building bonds for years to come.  Frannie is no exception.  I have used beautiful super wash pure wool for her body, crocheted on a smaller hook to ensure longevity of shape and stuffed with brushed and carded sheeps wool. I knitted her dress from Drops Delight 4ply, which I have to say was a joy to use and blocked really well. Her little hood/bonnet was knitted with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

The hood/bonnet is a really easy little make, and would be a great ‘learn to knit’ project for kids and doll lovers of any age! The tendency when learning to knit is often to make a scarf. Personally I think this takes too long.  It may be just my impatience, but I think when learning a new thing, whatever, that may be, a ‘quick’ result is much more encouraging.

As a blank canvas this little hood has many possibilities.

The Hood

I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino but any double knit yarn would do 🙂

A pair of 2.75mm & 3mm needles

3mm crochet hook ( if you want a crochet edge)

Using 2.75mm needles Cast On 68 stitches

Work 4 rows in garter stitch

Change to 3mm needles and work garter stitch for a further 24 rows.


You can either simply cast off all stitches, fold the knitted in piece in half and sew down the back seam or cast off edge.   This is probably the easiest option for beginners. Or you can do what I did and ….

Knit 34 stitches, hold the 2 needles side by side ( each with 34 sts on them ), and do what is called a 3 needle cast off ( there are many video tutorials on this technique over on YouTube)

As an edge I simply took a 3mm crochet hook and did 1sc 1ch around the entire bottom edge of the bonnet.  You can then attach either a ribbon or chain stitch tie on each corner and embellish with flowers, buttons or embroidery…..the choice is yours 🙂


Frannie seems to have made the decision on which suitcase she would like to have.  This pretty case from Sass & Belle does seem to be a good match, so this afternoons project will be to create her little bedroom.


Hope you all have a lovely day, full of sunshine and giggles

L xx





I must be a little bit odd, because I actually quite like Mondays! I tend to think that a Monday heralds the start of a new week, and is full of hope and promise.  The things that didn’t get done last week, either no longer seem relevant or can be scheduled in for this week.

Mondays are the start of something different.  A tentative foray into something new perhaps.  The little deer above was a happy Monday find. On a drive around the Isle of Arran, some months ago, we happened upon this little creature wandering along the beach. I don’t think I had ever seen a deer taking a stroll among the rock pools before…..Mondays….anything can happen!

The plan this week ( Monday….always starts with a plan), is to get the little Suitcase Dolls finished.

I love creating these funny little characters, and have got some beautiful Sass & Belle suitcases waiting for mini bunting, and other bits and bobs, that will match them perfectly. Each of the suitcases has a little window, and the window inserts are photographs of local places that are particularly special, for one reason or another.


It may be, like the one above, that the light on that particular morning was just so pretty, or the actual place has a meaning.  I am hoping to include some notes on the places featured in the little windows next……work in progress!


I am also working on a couple of little dolly hat patterns at the moment…a knit and a crochet one.  These little hats, will be sized for the little Fuzzpotling Suitcase dolls, but I thought it would be nice to be able to offer a few little simple and free accessory patterns.

Right, I had better get this Monday started…..have a great day all 🙂


L xx


Sunshine starts…..


I think I must be one of those annoying ‘morning’ people.  I tend to get up early and love nothing more than a wander along the garden path to the shed, still in Pj’s and clutching a cappuccino in a favourite mug.

The colours always seem to be that much more vibrant first thing and it really makes me want to add a few more touches to the little folk I am working on.

This morning I was greeted with the little faces of Gracie and Francesca.  I tend to make them in three’s,  there is a third…Emily….but her little blond wig is still currently under construction, so she is feeling a little shy this morning!

Faces are what attracts me most to doll making.  There is much to be said for creating little characters out of wool.  It evokes happy childhood memories for me.  I was a bookworm when younger, and still am really.  The stories, which if I am to be honest though keeping their charm, seemed quite dated when I re-read them again to my own children, seem to have stayed, tucked away in my heart somewhere.  The magic that Enid Blyton managed to create for me, with her Tales from the Faraway Tree, linger to this day, and perhaps my happy place of Fuzzpot Lane, in part, started then……who knows.

I also wanted to share some of my holiday adventures with you. Last week, whilst away in North Devon, we happened upon a quite magical and unexpected find, in the form of Broomhill Sculpture Garden.

The Broomhill Art & Sculpture Foundation launched it’s National Sculpture Prize competition in 2009, to provide an exciting challenge for new and emerging UK based sculptors, and these are exhibited in the beautiful setting of Broomhill. The exhibition exemplifies the diverse forms that culture can take, with some having quite serious messages and others simply being fun. You can see much more over on the Broom hill Art page


I don’t profess to understand art on a deep and intellectual level, I love art for the simple things like colour, texture, light, and shape.  But there is something to be said for faces…


And there were plenty of them to choose from..


Broomhill is about art….but it’s also about nature…..but mainly it really is a great day out.  The hotel is unusual, quirky and relaxing, the food is gorgeous and the bar, well enough said really.

After a lovely pint, it was time for a stretch and to make our way home….


Now, for me, it’s back to making little Emily’s wig!